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Desmond Shea

DESMOND SHEA 206-240-4355

Desmond brings decades of experience to DISCRETE with credits as diverse as The Residents and Neurosis.  


Nigel Pavao

NIGEL PAVAO 415-608-7116

Nigel has been a Producer/Engineer/Mixer based in San Francisco for over 15 years. He also plays music. 


Sean Beresford

SEAN BERESFORD 415-225-6350

Sean is a Producer/Engineer/Mixer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Originally from the UK, but has been living and working here for over 20 years. 



Andy is a Producer/Engineer/Mixer based in Los Angeles.  He has worked in San Francisco for many years and travels to DISCRETE on a regular basis. Check out his Web site for more info.